employee safety campaign
A clip showing a dangerous lift in an industrial environment.
the challenge.
To improve the safety performance of a multi-national organisation, helping around 60,000 employees and contractors to learn the lessons from previous incidents and change their behaviour with regard to key aspects of safety at work.
the solution.
The campaign was clearly structured around three key areas based on the company's track record in safety. These are lifting, driving and energy isolation. A strong creative execution including visuals, music and animation consistently applied across nine films, a series of ten posters and three brochures. Content focused on case studies and reconstructions of previous incidents with practical demonstrations presented by senior management. Foreign language versions are being produced in French, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and Latin American Spanish.
the benefits.
Stage one of this three-year campaign has already improved safety performance by communicating to workforces around the world in their own languages with case studies and examples relevant to them.