Production is about two things: making it happen and making it work - planning, designing and creating, managing, distributing and measuring. At ON, we deliver on both counts across a comprehensive range of media. So far we have worked in over 50 different countries. We're skilled, fast and efficient and pay exhaustive attention to detail at every stage of the production process.
To ensure the right end-product, we provide audience research, communication planning, creative design concepts, copywriting, photography, filming and a host of other marketing, content development, project management and production skills. Not to mention the advice, support, inspiration and total commitment we invest in every piece of work we deliver.
We are used to dealing with logistical and intellectual challenges and provide whatever is needed to meet the brief with know-how and cost-effectiveness.
"I was impressed and grateful that you took such pains to understand the science and that considerable care and attention was given to all stages of the television documentary production." Professor Denis Henshaw - University of Bristol, Department of Physics